How to Deal With People You Can’t Stand

In my years of living on this planet, I’ve had to deal with all kind of people. Some I loved, some I liked, some I don’t like and some I can’t stand -I don’t like to use the word hate-.

Regardless, some of those I can’t stand are either a part of my family, a friend of a friend, a teacher, a boss and everything in between. Some of those I was able to never see again, others I just can’t cut them out and I still have to be some what decent towards them. Read More


Spartan Race

I did know what to expect, I never heard of it before so I honestly just assumed it was a whatever kind of obstacle course.

After getting my confirmation email I realized it wont be easy, since its stated that Read More


Furley Review

When a member of the Furley Bioextracts team contacted me to test out their products I was a little nervous for two reasons:

  1. It’s somewhat of a sponsored post.
  2. I always want to be honest when it comes to my opinions on products and I don’t want to mislead anyone because of reason 1.

So I made it clear that my review is going to be 100% honest because this is what I owe my lovely reader… Read More


Lets Take a Minute

In life we don’t get much say in a lot of things. Like where we are born, what kind of family we have or what fuckery is happening in the world around you.

It seems like these days everyone is going crazy in their own way. Everyone is angry about one thing or another simply for the sake of being pissy about whatever it is they care about. Read More


Bex Rox

There is nothing I love more than limited designs, especially pieces that are simple enough to wear over and over again yet unique in its details to make a big statement.

I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Bex and check out her designs and have her explain her collection to me. Read More


The Struggle is Real

I’ve been struggling with acne since a very long long time. It just happened over night, one day I had clear skin and then next pizza face!

It was hard dealing with something when you never knew the reason why its happening. You see I was a vegetarian and ate fairly healthy. I tried everything from natural herbal remedies, to hard core acne meds Read More


Happy Halloween

We don’t really celebrate Halloween where I come from, unless its a Halloween themed party. People don’t dress up and walk around outside.

However, Halloween is a sacred time of year and should be treated as such! Read More


From Lazy Day to Dinner Party

When it comes to outfits comfort is always very high on my priority list…

That’s being said if leggings and yoga pants end up being a no no I’m screwed since that’s what the majority of my wardrobe consists of.

Read More

Not Like The Others #Octoween No.3

Ghosts are not real!

People die and thats it right?

But I’ve seen that kids before, when I first got this house. I was cleaning up some junk the old owners left behind including pictures…really really old pictures.

There is one picture I kept, it was of a child in an open casket surrounded by flowers. Read More

Not Like The Others #Octoween No.2

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to walk amongst people. I can’t recall the last time I was able to do this…actually I do, it was when I was still alive.

I was born on march 10th 1840. Read More