Still Downloading…

We all want people to understand us, to accept us the way we are with all our flaws. We hope we don’t get judged by our mistakes. However, we do have the tendency to not give others the same curtesy.

We know we are not perfect and we are still in the process of getting downloaded. Yet -weather subconsciously or on purpose-  we usually end up treating others as if they are already  completely downloaded and done especially if they are older than we are. We are only fully downloaded when we are dead.

I’m not saying be overly empathetic with everyone or any of that. However, Try to understand where they are coming from, especially if they come from a different background.

Don’t assume things about people you don’t know based on stereotypes because that just makes you look like a dick. Especially if you are in a new country, city or simply on the other side of town.

We all come from different walks of life, we are all getting downloaded and grown at different passes. Like little snowflakes we are made of the same stuff but we come in different shapes and forms.

We should keep an open mind and an open heart. In a world full of judgment, hate and fear we shouldn’t let those factors affect our ability to at least try to be understanding of one another.

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