A Cookie For Your Thoughts…?

A little bit about my nerdy side because…why not?

I grew up in a city surrounded by a desert, in a family where tradition means everything. Where reputation is the equivalent of your value, and you must keep it intact not only for your own sake but you family’s as well.

I’m not traditional, I never felt like I fit in to the norms of society’s structure. I grew up in my own little world…

A world of wonder. A world full of magic where mythical creatures frolic and wizards battle the Dark Lord.

Yes, I am a potterhead who is into anime and Disney who also has a wicked sweet tooth!

Reality never appealed to me because it was too boring. Especially growing up in a place where anything that isn’t “normal” according to society’s terms is bad.

Reading was my escape hence why fiction was my go to genre. There is nothing like getting lost in a world that is entirely different than our own.

*cough* Wizarding World *cough*

I never felt like I fit in so I spent most of my free time in school with a good book. Don’t get me wrong I had plenty of friends, I just felt different and that they wouldn’t understand me if I talk to them about certain things. I didn’t feel like I belong…But hey, at least I’m quirky in a category of my own thanks to unrealistic expectations in life.

Basically, I grew up with Harry Potter, adventured with Hobbits, I Full Metaled my way through life with a Death Note and a Black Butler in hand. I danced with Princesses while fighting my own Demons and slayed a few personal Titans along the way all while eating a bucket of ice-cream and a cookie or two.

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