Dear Parents,

Just because a night of hanky-panky a child graced the earth doesn’t mean you own them. Just because you raised the child you get to enforce your image of perfection upon them. Just because you sacrificed for their sake doesn’t mean they owe you anything in return.

However, in naming us you got attached. In raising us you claimed ownership. In educating us you shaped us…you did everything in your power to have a perfect child. However, we are who we are despite your expectations.

You see, children can bullshit their parents as much as parents bullshit the child…

You can’t make someone be something they are not. You can’t enforce your values or points of view on us…Yes, we might pretend and play along to get you off our backs or just to avoid a fight.

You spend your time focusing on the mundane like what courses to take or what career paths we should pursue while disregarding a simple truth; all we want is love. To be loved, accepted and respected for who we are -especially by our parents.

Our technicolored souls don’t always have to fit within the boarders of the canvas you made, we can color ourselves, draw our own images and color outside the lines are much as we want to.

We are unique and not a 2.0 version of you.


4 thoughts on “Dear Parents,

  1. No, my point is parents shouldn’t treat their children as property. Or make their children feel like they are a disappointment because they choice an unexpected path in life. I’m taking about the parents that cause their children anxiety. The ones that pressure their children…notice the post is dedicated to parent, not how kids should treat there own parents.


  2. I do agree with you on this one. Although I do believe like Sahar said we owe help to our parents when they’re older and can’t care for themselves, but I don’t believe they should just get that if they have been no help to us through our lives. My father who I rarely see will get angry because my boyfriend didn’t ask his permission to marry me. When my father most certainly doesn’t own me, since he hasn’t been there for years.
    I also don’t want anyone to ‘give me away’ at my wedding, I’m nobodies to give, I am my own person and can chose to marry whom I wish. xxx


  3. I agree and disagree with this one. You’re right when you say that our parents don’t own us and like you said that they shouldn’t treat us like a property. But excuse me, how twisted parents are if they do something like that? Appreciation goes both ways. When you appreciate your children they appreciate you – if you treat them like they’re property, they do the same to you. It’s pretty awful to hear and know about the parents who are ready to throw their kids to garbage can after they’re tired of having one, but that’s in a different matter is a whole lot of different story. Those parents have serious issues.
    My mom raised me and my two younger siblings alone, she worked in 3 jobs at the same time just to keep the roof on top of our heads and some times I had to loan her money just so we would have electricity. I don’t mean that I owe her anything and I haven’t even had in mind that I’d ever ask those money back.
    I’m pretty thankful for everything she did for us, when she was the only one to take care of us. Not that I saw it that way when I was younger, I didn’t – I felt like everything she asked me to do or when she asked me to look after my siblings, I felt like she stole my personal time and tried to own me but I don’t feel like that anymore.
    It’s the point of view where you see things.
    My mom caused me anxiety by doing all those things, but just because I didn’t completely see what was going on back then.


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