I’ve never been big on wearing dresses, and if I do I like to put my own twist to it because…creativity? I don’t know, I like to play around with my outfits and try to wear them in unexpected ways.

I put on a breezy shirt dress thingy -which I kept open because aesthetic- over black leggings and an equally black tank top to keep my inner goth satisfied. I armed myself with woody sunglasses and soul jewelry; I was ready to face the world!


I am an adult so I like to do the adult things when I’m out in nature such as:

  • Getting a nice bucket full of ice coffee and enjoy is in the comfort of an environmentally friendly car, with a little fox for company.
  • And plant roses on my wrists while trying to race my nephew to the shady swings.
  • As well as the not so great realization that my sandals are real as I seesaw my way through life.


Side Note: wearing all that black this time of year at this sunny hour of the day wasn’t the one of my smartest idea I must say…I may have glistened but I look good and thats all that matters.








I love how my coffee mug matches the graffiti behind me…#HappyAccident

16 thoughts on “Ootd…?

  1. You’re writing style seems to similar to mine! Casual and entertaining. And I’m also totally guilty of wearing black in the summer. It’s my favorite!

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