Forget Me Not

One of my favorite places to go when ever I’m in Athens is Forget Me Not. It is a cute little boutique in Plaka, and the best things about it its exclusive to Greek designers!

It is everything from clothes to home decor to accessories to shoes to books; its a one stop shop in my opinion…they always get new things so every time I’m there -which is a lot of times by the way-.

IMG_2235.jpg IMG_2238


Keep in mind its all Greek designers so you wont find these things anywhere else!that I know of…and the quality is darn good too.

This time around I got a black sheep necklace, a 3D printed white geometric ring and a t-shirt. It is the type of place I physically, mentally and emotionally can’t leave without getting at least one item.

It is that perfect kind of shop.

Plus, everyone there is amazingly nice and friendly; they make you feel so welcomed no matter what. As well as treating you like an old friend which is not something you get in many places.

Yes, I might be a tinny bit biased because it is literally one of my favorite places to go to, but its definitely worth checking out if you are ever around the area.




BTW: I’m not showing the ring or the t-shirt because I’m planing on using them in an out fit of the day very soon….or maybe in an Instagram post.

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