Beach Please!

Beach therapy is the best therapy…and I’m starting my day off right!

Woke up, got some coffee and made my way down to Astir Beach for some fun in the sun with friends. Like the true beach bum I am; my day is basically consisting of sizzling under the sun, jump in the refreshing cold water and lay back under the scolding sun again to get my summer glow on.

But first things first, Brunch…most important meal of the day -mmm fruity goodness with some Greek Yogurt and honey on the side, an antioxidant smoothie for that extra boost and more coffee- because I am a trooper who’s planing to sizzle under the Greek sun I must start my day right!

We went to MoorningsΒ for brunch for the first time and it was perfect…great music, comfy atmosphere and an amazing view!

Seriously though, there is nothing like the Greek riviera to calm your inner crazy.


All in all it was the perfect lazy summer day.




Disclaimer: I am not recommending, condoning, encouraging you to stay under the sun all day without the appropriate amount of sunscreen…we got sun burnt so bad, its not even cute!

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