Girl Talk #1

Being a girl isn’t the easiest job description out there.

As a part of the female species I know first hand how hard it is, especially since I come from a culture where being anything other than a girly girl who’s bound to be a future Stepford wife is not acceptable.

I hate dresses and I’m not into make up that much -just into eyeliner and lipsticks- and I like heavy metal, football, Harry Potter and dirt bikes.

The only thing I do get fussy about is my hair though…but that’s just because I have frizzy hair from hell and it’s an insecurity of mine.

As far as gender goes I haven’t really though that much into it I just know I’m a girl and have my girly moments. Then again some days I like wearing oversized mens t-shirts or 49ers football jerseys with sweats or leggings.

I identify as a girl but I also feel good in mens clothing. It all gets more complicated when you factor in the cultural background I come from so I just don’t bother thinking about it too much.

I am me, you are you regardless of details…life in all aspects should be simplified to these simple rule: love your fellow humans, respect them even if you don’t fully understand their point of view, and treat others the way you want to be treated.

If someone wants to be hairy or smooth as a naked mole rat its no ones business at the end of the day…

If they wants to wear something they feel comfortable if who are we to tell them no? If they don’t fit in why shouldn’t they stand out? If they are happy why is it a problem to anyone else?

To be honest…

I have a threading appointment coming up and I’m not excited about the level of pain I’m going to have to deal with. I just hate the fact that I’m expected to have perfectly shapes eyebrows all the time just because I’m a girl.

Seriously, straight men will never understand the pain of perfect eyebrows!



7 thoughts on “Girl Talk #1

  1. it’s dire the things that we have to go through which is why I only do what I feel comfortable doing. sometimes i’ll get comments from my partner, family or friends and my response is always the same “accept it or move on” 🙂

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  2. Personally I think you should dress however you want. If you want to shave or keep the hair then do whatever you want! If you want to wear makeup or not wear makeup…whatever! There’s definitely a lot of pressure for us girls to look a certain way and that goes out to guys too. We should all just be ourselves and do whats comfortable to us!


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  3. This made me want to listen to Beyonce Run the world (girls). Honestly don’t ever let negativity bring you down – yeah being a girl suck and trust me it doesn’t get any easier as you get older. But we have girl power and we are stronger then anyone else. xx

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  4. I said to my friend the other day, “As much as I love girly, or elegant dress, I love men’s wear (as much).” There’s nothing wrong being out of the mainstream, just don’t let the negativity get you.

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