What’s Been Happening?

I would like to start off by expressing how sorry I’m because I haven’t been posting lately.

But I have a valid reasons why I swear!

First of all…


Muse came to Athens and of course I had to go to said concert. It was amazing, Muse were amazing and the people I was there with are the best!

Muse knew how to keep the crowd going and they interacted with fans beautifully…it been a while since I’ve seen a band play live and they actually sound better than they do on the album.


My friends an I went to Mykonos for a week and it was insane to say the least!

We stayed at the “Blue Rock Villa” which was fabulous. The main thing I liked about it is its not too close to the craziness that Mykonos is known for, but not too far that it takes you forever to get to where the party’s at.

Aside for the cleaning crew that came daily so we didn’t really have to do anything; the best thing about this place is we actually had our own little pet for the week.


Say hello to Little Miss Kitty. Even though she was a stray she was so friendly, playful and love to have company around…seriously she would always show up and hang around with us expecting us to pet her and play with her. Plus she walks in out of the villa like she owns the place!

I’m not going to talk about the night life in Mykonos because everyones heard what its like. But walking around the winding roads of town in the morning is a whole new scene.


Its so islandy and cute which amazing shops owned by local designers as well as well known brands. They have amazing art galleries some of which you can find the artist working on their latest pieces. It was fun getting lost in those winding topsy turvy little roads of theirs.

Unless you want to go to one of the party beaches *cough* Super Paradise *cough* the beach we went to are very chill with good music you can vibe to as you sizzle under the Greek sun.

Mykonos was a nice in between of a laid back and crazy party type of island.

Thirdly but not leastly… 


Harry Potter is back in town and I couldn’t put The Cursed Child down till I finished it!

-I’m going to be posting a review on monday so major spoiler alert-

Yeah so this is why I’ve been M.I.A lately and I do hope you understand my reasons why.

7 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening?

  1. Mykonos looks beautiful! Hopefully I can go there next year. I just bought Harry Potter too! I plan on reading it in 2 weeks during my 10 hour flight. The reviews looks great though

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