The Queen Didn’t Quite Deliver

I took my time reading Cursed Child and I kept an open mind through out, I didn’t want to make a decision half way through.

I read a lot of plays so I knew what to expect reading Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. I knew it wasn’t going to be like other Harry Potter books so I was prepared -mentally speaking-.

That’s being said I was very disappointed with this read.

I liked the whole time travel aspect of the story. I just don’t understand how Voldemort has a daughter with Bellatrix?! Like when did that happen? And can someone who is basically a resurrected soul reproduce? I’m just confused about this detail.

I guess if they did have a baby together it would be during The Half-Blood Prince concise rig Delphi’s age and all that. However, it still doesn’t make sense. J K Rowling is amazing with little clues and tinny easily missed details you don’t notice will all the piece come together. So I was very surprised about Delphi’s past but in a cringy way.

I also was hopping there would be more appearances with the other kids from the next generation. Don’t get me wrong I loved the dynamic between Albus and Scorpius, and how close they are. I just would’ve liked to get to know a little more about the other Potter kids as well as the mini Weasley and maybe a little sprinkle of Teddy Lupin.

Is it just me of does Ron Weasley seem more of an airhead than he really is?

I tried really hard to love Cursed Child but it was cringe worthy in more ways than one…I don’t know, maybe if I actually saw it as a play with all the theatrics, effects, lightings and all that jazz I’d feel differently about it. But as a read it was a huge disappointment for me, because I know what an amazing writer J K Rowling is and you can easily tell this isn’t all her.

My final thought on this is it felt like I was reading a glorified fan fiction that went viral.

11 thoughts on “The Queen Didn’t Quite Deliver

  1. Thankyou. I wrote a review on my blog too and when I said it felt like fanfiction and that some of the characters and plot made little sense a lot of people disagreed. After a while I started reading in the mindset of fanfic and enjoyed it (as a separate story) rather than a continuation. Although I’ll give Rowling the benefit of the doubt, she didn’t actually write the play, she gave an idea and let someone else write it.

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  2. I was considering getting it as I grew up reading HP. This is not the first review I read that did not recommend it. Guess, I am taking it off my reading list!

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    1. That’s just it everyone’s been going on and on about how great it is so I expected it to be on the same level as the books and it’s not. It is worth checking out since your a fan of Harry Potter just don’t have that overhyped expectation


  3. Just checking but cursed child is a co-write, correct? So I think in a way it is very logically not all JK’s work. I am a bit afraid to be disappointed but I always loved HP so will definitely read it anyways!

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