Where The Wild Thing Are

City life can be very hectic. Its load and fast passed, you have no choice but to keep up with it in any shape or form. From the mundane everyday routines to social media and nonstop notifications it tends to be very maddening.

This is what I’ve been feeling lately…I need a break.

I went on a very lovely waked through a huge woods like park, turned off my phone and just enjoyed the silence.

A nice slice of natural wilderness with in the middle of the City, full of beautiful trees and gorgeous flours as well as fountains and coy ponds.

I sat on a bench away from everyone around  except for a chello player and just took a breath and meditated for a long while just sitting there on my own enjoying the soft music and fresh woodsy air.

It’s aways a good idea to take a break from life and enjoy walking in nature just to reflect on reality, reconnect and recharge.

Plus I saw this adorable stray dog cooling off in a manmade waterfall and started playing fetch with him.


This big baby dog is the highlight of my day!

But serious though shut your phone, go for a walk in nature and break some cleanish air it’ll do you good.

13 thoughts on “Where The Wild Thing Are

  1. I just read this same concept in a ‘magazine!! You are so right tho. About taking anbreak from the distractions and stressors in life and just enjoy the sirroundings and nature around you. It relaxes and relieves SO much stress. thank you for the reminder:)

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  2. The stress of being busy can take its toll, and we may find that we’re feeling angry, irritable, tearful or depressed as a result. It’s during these moments of distress or discomfort that we could really do with a little self-compassion. And a little goes a long way! Regular, small acts of self-compassion can drastically transform your day.

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