What If I Don’t Give Up?

I’ve been MIA lately dealing with emotions and what not…

I have this really bad tendency of shutting down from everything when I’m depressed. I give up everything I shouldn’t like eating clean, working out, writing and worst of all ignoring lots of people.

Its hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle when you feel like shit, and this is where my weight starts fluctuating which causes me to -for a short long while- give up on everything and I end up hating myself even more.

I used to be overweight, and I lost about 20kg -I measure weight lost by jean size not by numbers. I usually get on a scale once every month because those damn numbers make me OCD in a way that is neither cute or mentally stable- I’m 6kg from my ultimate goal. It’s not much but whenever I get close for some reason I get depressed and shut down and stop everything…its a vicious cycle!

My 2:00 am thought on Saturday was basic, just me wondering what would happen if I never give up? 

I’m taking it as a challenge because I’m stubborn like that. I’m going to hit the ground running; gym at the gym 5 times a week, eat clean without cheat days and yoga -because balanced zen if bae- until New Years. No matter what I’m feeling or what I’m dealing with I will keep going just to see what happens…

So I wrote down a nice little workout plan:

  • Sunday: Chest & Triceps 👀
  • Monday: Back & Biceps 💪
  • Tuesday: Cardio 35-45mins *Treadmill 🐰
  • Wednesday: Legs 🐙
  • Thursday: Cardio again *Spinning 🐬
  • Friday: Yoga 🐒
  • Saturday: Rest day 🦄✨

After weight training if I’m feeling up to it I’ll do 20 minutes of cardio 😅


Workout Plan done I went grocery shopping following a list of a nutrition plan I got from my Nutritionist -shocking. I really recommend this because you get the best diet for yourself and body type as well as other specific needs in order to reach goals in a healthy way.

Yes the only reason I added this picture is because I’m so proud of how organized it is…so you should appreciate this happy accident…appreciate it I say!

“I love food, I hate feeling hungry and I loath not having something sweet” is what I said to Mr. Nutritionist. He gave me a two sweet, filling and yummy food plans. I do one for two weeks and then I do the other for two week and so on and so forth (I don’t know if I should post it because I don’t know if it’ll work for everyone, I recommend seeming someone yourself but if you want me to post it let me know in the comments below).

Diet does seem boring but I won’t stop till New Year so wish me luck/pray for me/cross your fingers/sacrifice a virgin or whatever as long as I survive.

29 thoughts on “What If I Don’t Give Up?

  1. I say, the more depressed you are the better it will be if you didn’t give up your fitness goals. It will help motivate you and it will make you feel good about yourself. I think it’s nice that you’re keeping up with your healthy lifestyle.

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  2. fingers crossed! I know the feeling as I’m having anxiety issues. However, I learnt to treat those moments as a challenge, as you say, and after not giving up a few times and feeling the ten-fold bigger sense of accomplishment my low days started motivating me, actually.

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  3. I can actually feel you in this. i went through a bad phase a month ago and I was a mess/. I eat intentionally when I am depressed, its not like it makes me feel good but I show the anger by disturbing my health. I am working hard to come back. Your schedule is inspiring, I wish I could workout everyday.

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