It’s a Saudi Thing

Growing up Saudi is…lets say different. We do things in a way which tends to throws people off but are actually the norm in Sandy Land. Here are some weirdly normal things Saudis do:

  1. Knowing things about people you never knew existed!
  2. Snapchating, Instagraming, tweeting, Youtubing and Tumbling every single rain drop we see…
  3. Football is a time of civil war and social media unrest.
  4. AC is the the ultimate anger manager.
  5. Wifi so glitchy it give you 90s realness.
  6. Women can do anything a man can…expect drive.
  7. Bathing yourself in perfume or cologne before leaving any room.
  8. Evil eyes are around every corner.
  9. Who needs Snow days when you can get Sand Storm days.
  10.  Camels are worth more than our lives…literally!
  11. You continue living in your parents house till you’re married or dead…whichever one comes first.
  12. Nothing is off limits; everyone’s a comedian.
  13. The ones who talk a lot about healthy living tend to be the ones who are actually over weight.
  14. Salad is consumed after the main dish not as a starter.
  15. Ask for a dog and if your parents agree right away your probably ending up with a goat.
  16. Coffee is a sleeping aid to most.
  17. Everything is free game when traveling, except pork because of reasons.
  18. Spend weekends in the desert as a fun little get away.
  19. Vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic.
  20. Only Saudis are aloud to diss Saudi!


And this ladies and gentlemen is Saudi”s normally weird things  brought to you with all the love and caring and humbleness I can muster.

29 thoughts on “It’s a Saudi Thing

  1. Some of the things are familiar since there are people who are like that where I live. But some are definitely new to me. I think it’s nice that you’re sharing these things about people who live in Saudi.

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  2. While I have never been to Saudi Arabia, I did spend a week next-door in the UAE. One day we had a crazy sandstorm. I was not driving but riding in a car and it was crazy! Thanks for these other things. I loved the one about how women can do anything … except drive. I hope that changes soon!


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  3. This is a great insight to how growing up in the Saudi feels like. I remember spending a really short span of my life there say two and a half years. It was a nice place during my time but of course now it has developed a lot more and is probably way beyo0nd my recognition.

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