From Lazy Day to Dinner Party

When it comes to outfits comfort is always very high on my priority list…

That’s being said if leggings and yoga pants end up being a no no I’m screwed since that’s what the majority of my wardrobe consists of.

Black is my favorite color because it’s the closest to match my soul *wink wink*. Therefor, it’s the color of choice when it comes to clothing because you can never go wrong with black.

So by day; my basic non-thought required outfit of the day is made upΒ of yoga pants paired with a loose fitted top over a stapy bralette, all topped with my favorite plaid shirt and sneakers of course…and coffee on the side.


Yes, I just made my outfit sound like a dish from Chopped!

Your welcome.


This however, doesn’t really work for a dinner party so I had to switch things up.

I changed into a more fitted tank top with leggings, a Kenzo vest looking dress thingy, and of course a spickyΒ pair of heels.



Comfort is key; this outfit is effortless and pretty comfortable aside from my feet slowly dying on me…seriously ouch!

Almost all black everything is how I roll, and I hope you liked my outfits on this fine day since I’m usually chilling in pjs.




Accessories of the day.


28 thoughts on “From Lazy Day to Dinner Party

  1. Both outfits look very comfortable and suited for the occasion. I don’t wear legging or yoga pants unless I am going to the gym but if you find them comfortable I don’t see why not wearing them as your daily outfit.

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  2. You’re beautiful on both outfits! Your first outfit is not sound like a dish from Chopped at all. It’s what I call “personal style”…I like it, simple and relax.

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  3. No biggie, yoga pants and leggings are my go-to as well. I would rather be comfortable than stylish any day! I love that night outfit though, it suits you!

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