Happy Halloween

We don’t really celebrate Halloween where I come from, unless its a Halloween themed party. People don’t dress up and walk around outside.

However, Halloween is a sacred time of year and should be treated as such!Unfortunately, if you are anything like me you probably still not sure what to wear or have nothing to wear.

But never fear the solution is here!

There are two fool-proof ways to live it up today without minimalย stress or effort, and both ways don’t really cost much because you probably own everything you need anyway.

Fool-proof last minute minimal effort costume idea number 1:

  • Use make up or face paint to create your face -there are plenty of online tutorials all over the place-.
  • Once your face is beat put on an elegant dress or suit…or whatever you feel like wearing.
  • Now go your and trick-or-treat till you got enough candy to eat your feelings.


ol-proof last minute minimal effort costume idea number 2:

  • Get a mask and put it on.
  • Put on cloths that go with the mask vibes.
  • Taaadaaaa your done.


I personally am not doing anything other than have a quite night at home with some friends. But I hope you found this helpful.

Enjoy and stay safe my lovelies x

24 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I was amazed by the makeup people could do for these Halloween costumes. I just got instagram this past year, so it was eye opening the talent people have on this makeup front that I saw on there. Next year I may try to take a stab at that! Hope you are having a great week. โค

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    1. Personally I prefer make up for Halloween because no matter what look you’re going for you can always make it unique with your own twist to it apposed to just buying a mass-produced costume…I hope you have an amazing week as well x

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  2. Yes, we don’t celebrate by wearing costumes either, only on some special occassion. Like the second idea much more, maybe because I’m unimaginably lazy ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Though, halloween is being observed in our part of the world for commercial purposes, it is not considered as a biggie thing. But like you, I don’t observe it. I also go the extra mile of encouraging others to do the same.

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