The Struggle is Real

I’ve been struggling with acne since a very long long time. It just happened over night, one day I had clear skin and then next pizza face!

It was hard dealing with something when you never knew the reason why its happening. You see I was a vegetarian and ate fairly healthy. I tried everything from natural herbal remedies, to hard core acne medsthat has scary side effects such as liver and kidney failure -keep in mind I had severe acne and never taken any medication without Doctor’s approval.

I was on accutane for months on and off, as well as antibiotics. Yes, my skin would clear up for a while but the acne always came back.

I dealt with this for 7 year.

So, about a year ago I started noticing some spawns of satan showing up on my face again. By this point I’m already fed up, I was done. So I went to doctor Google and started looking for anything that might explain why I keep getting acne outbreaks.

After reading articles about gluten being the reason for acne, to dairy intolerance, to an “it was cancer not a rash” I read an article about how veganism and vegetarianism can cause acne to some people.

They talked about something to do with fats and proteins break downs and how the body deals with it…it got too scientific for me, but it struck a cord. I never made the connection of me being vegetarian and me having acne happened to be at the same time.

I asked my Doctor about it and he confirmed it!

Of course being a narcissistic human I started eating meat again for the sake of my face, and my skin has never looked better.

          Moral of the story is:

Don’t do anything without consulting your doctor. Also its never too soon to botox prevention is key

And most importantly don’t hate yourself because your skin is being a annoying, just love yourself and keep on rocking on.

46 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real

  1. I’ve had it too very badly when I was in high school, although I didn’t pay much attention to it. A few years later I went to the doctor and she said that “dirt” or better bacterias get in your pores. This causes the pores to close and this turn into acne (or something like that can’t really remember what she said lol). At this moment it’s all ok now (ten years later), of course the scars or somewhat visible it doesn’t really matter to me this is who I am now and I’m totally ok with it. What I do these days is drink a lot of water, since water cleans your body from the inside, also when showering, not too hot, in the last minute turn your shower to cold, this will close your pores so that bacterias can’t get in so easily, also you gotta keep your bedroom clean especially the bed 🙂 since you lay with your face all night on the sheets/pillow 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the info I didn’t know hot showers can be bad for the face…as for acne scares I had loads of them, I did a laser treatment (I forgot what it’s called but basically the laser hits the bottom layers of skin and makes the blood flow more in the area which reduces scaring) it didn’t completely remove scares but made them 70% better in just one session. I should go for another one but I think I’m good. You can check and see if that’s an option you want to take if it’s something that bothers you.

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      1. I’ve looked for a lot of different ways when I was in highschool (10 years ago) I’m totally fine with it now and it doesn’t bother me at all anymore, I don’t even think about it. So no problem for me 🙂

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      2. well everyone has their own feelings, it’s just that nowadays a lot of campaigns, music etc. is playing a big role in the world. I’ve come to really realise years ago that no one is perfect and everyone has imperfections, everyone has something that they don’t like about themselves but like I said every single person on earth has that so you’re never actually alone 🙂 this thought made me feel better I have accepted it and it’s who I am and other people gotta deal with that lol.

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  2. Oh my gosh, I can relate to this post so much. My acne showed up my freshman year of high school … very normal. Then I became a vegetarian two years later at the age of 16 and was one for the next nine years. My acne was always managed but it never cleared up. I started eating meat about four years ago and it’s still not totally cleared up. I’m just kind of like whatever at this point. With makeup, it looks like I have none. I’m glad it all cleared up for you!


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    1. Once I started eating meat again my face has been clear except for the occasional one or two every couple of months or so. I have sensitive skin so make up makes it worse, so I just use my products and live with it.


  3. Good grief! This is something I have never even considered before. I am glad to hear your skin has cleared up, your diet obviously did not agree with your system.

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  4. I haven’t had problems with my skin but know several friends who are suffering from acne. And they’ve said that it appears ecxactly when the preasure is on its highest at work, studies etc. Conculting a doctor in these cases is pretty essential.

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  5. With everything that has to do with you health, it’s really important that you make sure to check with your doctor. That’s a lesson that I learned the hard way as well.

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  6. How very interesting!!!!! I never heard of this, but super informative. Glad things are all cleared up! You are not alone on that front– whenever the seasons change I wake up broken out out of nowhere!! It’s interesting what can trigger things for different people

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  7. “Pizza face”, gotta love your humor. I fought with acne too and I understand the struggle. Personally, drinking lots of water, reducing my chocolate portions and not touching my red spots helped me a lot. Of course, we are all different but changing different habits may help.

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  8. I’m a little bit sceptical that being a vegetarian could cause acne breakouts… It’s very difficult topic. It’s really hard to say what can cause acne breakouts… Truth-saying: acne is a big challenge and there’re a lot of reasons and ways to fight with it.

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  9. I struggle with acne for 12 years. 12 bloody years!! Mine is hormonal and I’m intolerant to the pill so I’m still trying to find ways of getting rid of it. #thestruggleistofuckingreal

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    1. I’m sure you will once you figure out the cause of it. But till then try to switch to green tea if your a coffee addict like myself and drink plenty of water, also try to keep your dairy intact to a minimum…it didn’t clear my skin but I saw a big improvement once I did these things.

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