Bex Rox

There is nothing I love more than limited designs, especially pieces that are simple enough to wear over and over again yet unique in its details to make a big statement.

I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Bex and check out her designs and have her explain her collection to me.

I could go on and on about how sweet she is as well as yap on about her beautiful jewelry designs…but a picture is worth a thousand words -as they say- and I can’t think of the perfect words to describe how gorgeous they are so enjoy the visuals

I was told every collection Bex focuses on a different animal for its symbolisms. This collection had Lions representing strength and power, as well as snakes repping for femininity and beauty.

All the cuffs and bengals I saw are magnetic! So basically you can mix and match and have an endless collection of wrist wear.

My personal favorite is the snake inspired rings and earrings to be honest as well as the friendship necklaces.

Also generally speaking all pieces are affordable and aren’t over priced, they would make a perfect gift for your bestie or loved ones…and of course splurging on yourself is a must every now and then.

The only way you can get your hands on these is through the website, they can take up to two weeks -max- to get your order shipped. So if you are interested in getting something as a gift keep this in mind so your order will arrive on time.

Special thanks to Fashion Plate for organizing this whole event.

14 thoughts on “Bex Rox

  1. The jewelry looks a little more extravagant than what I would personally wear (I’m a plain jane when it comes to accessories) but my mom would LOVE these pieces. I think I found a possible Christmas present idea. She would love the “Strength and power” idea. I love how they relate each box to a type of animal. Thanks so much for sharing!

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