Furley Review

When a member of the Furley Bioextracts team contacted me to test out their products I was a little nervous for two reasons:

  1. It’s somewhat of a sponsored post.
  2. I always want to be honest when it comes to my opinions on products and I don’t want to mislead anyone because of reason 1.

So I made it clear that my review is going to be 100% honest because this is what I owe my lovely reader…

First Impression:

They are the perfect size! I love products that are easy to carry around like just throw them in your bag and your ready to go.


I also like that they don’t smell weird, it smells kind of like a sanitary hospital smell with a touch of fruity freshness which faded away as soon as its dry. The best part of it is they are water-bassed so they are not sticky or clumpy.

In order to give an honest review I decided to use the products for a good while in order to get a real feel for it…so here how I feel about them.

Spray 8:

Spray 8 is an all natural, fast working skin remedy from wounds. It contains anti-hestemic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral as well as an antiseptic properties. It’s mainly used to treat anything from skin infections to major wounds.

Like I said before the size of this spray is perfect since I usually carry medium to small sized bags, and it fits in without any hassle. Plus its supper light weight.


I have a really bad cuticle biting habit, half the time I don’t even notice I’m doing it. So my fingers tend to be bloody at points; I usually have alcohol swabs and band-aids on me for this reason. Ever since I got this spray I don’t need anything else.

It is an antibacterial yet it doesn’t sting or burn or anything so its perfect to have around especially with kids…because little ones cry and whine.

My Pet Vet:

My Pet Vet is a skin problem spray for pets, it’s non-toxic, painless and of course all natural. It’s prompts fast healing and is mainly used for anti-fungal treatment as well as cut, scraps, wounds, burns, infections and rashes.

To be honest before using this on my pets I contacted my Vet to get her input on it ingredients wise -our dog is a rescue pup and is covered in scratches, bits and scars and I didn’t want to use something without a pro-opinion-.


My vet was so excited about this since it is a bio/natural solution, so I used is as directed on the packaging.

Freddie -the pup- wasn’t bothered by it whatsoever since it dries pretty quick and isn’t sticky or anything.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m conscious about it or if it works that well, but I noticed that his cuts are healing pretty fast.

All in all both products seem pretty good, I only used those two but they have other stuff that are bio as well. I recommend getting these if your as accident prone as I am or if you have a pet, because they work pretty well in my opinion.

13 thoughts on “Furley Review

    1. its the least I can do! as a human you can communicate if you don’t like the feel of something but animals can’t and I always rather be safe than sorry. I want to do right by our dog since he’s been through so much already.


  1. I like the spray ones as they are so easy to use and grat if the bottles are small enough to be easy to carry in a bag. An honest review is the only good review – that gives a trustful long relationship and people will come back to read the posts.

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  2. I totally agree that it becomes little difficult to review sponsored products with 100% honesty but you did a great job! Liked your review and you’ve covered almost every aspect of both the products.

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