Spartan Race

I did know what to expect, I never heard of it before so I honestly just assumed it was a whatever kind of obstacle course.

After getting my confirmation email I realized it wont be easy, since its stated that you can run, walk or crawl but quitting isn’t an option! And once you finish you earned the bragging right to brag because why not…but I still didn’t look into it.

I was so excited to do this with my sisters and friends once we started we just ran! so some of our group was left behind because I take competition very seriously.


I’m also a little bit stubborn, so I took it as a personal challenge to get over ever single obstacle no matter how many time I try or how scary or hard it looks.

Some of the obstacles were a piece of cake and others were so challenging. I was thrown out of my comfort zone in the most extreme way. I over come things I never thought I could, as well as facing a lot of fears.

I don’t have a fear of heights but I do have a fear of falling and hurting myself. There was a lot of walls to clim and some are in an angel where I was holding on for dear life tilted backwards.

Even though I was cut, scratched, bruised and soar as hell the fact that I finished the race and over come every single obstacle made me feel so much stronger than I thought I was.


To put it simply, it was an amazing experience which I will definitely do again with out hesitation if I get the chance…because I am a super unicorn and nothing can stop this Spartan!


4 thoughts on “Spartan Race

  1. I have always been a bit hesitant to participate in one of these for fear of it being a testosterone fueled sausage party….and because I am afraid of hurting myself. But your post makes it sound fun and empowering. I would like to be a Super Unicorn too!

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