How to Deal With People You Can’t Stand

In my years of living on this planet, I’ve had to deal with all kind of people. Some I loved, some I liked, some I don’t like and some I can’t stand -I don’t like to use the word hate-.

Regardless, some of those I can’t stand are either a part of my family, a friend of a friend, a teacher, a boss and everything in between. Some of those I was able to never see again, others I just can’t cut them out and I still have to be some what decent towards them.

So here are my tips on how to deal when you have to socialize with people you can’t stand…as experienced by yours truly.

  1. Try to remember how awkward things would be if you snap at said person. Focus on how uncomfortable future social gatherings are going to be if you went off on this person.
  2. When in doubt…smile.
  3. If they ask you something that you consider is non of their business just reply with “I don’t know”. I.e. When someone asks you about the weather say “I don’t know”. When someone asks about your life shrug and say “I don’t know”. When they ask how’s life respond with “I don’t know”. Every respond should be I don’t know…they will leave you alone eventually.
  4. Go out for a smoke or excuse yourself to the little girls/boys room in order to end the conversation as soon as possible.
  5. Try to think of something you love while they yap on. Side note: Don’t forget to nod every now and then and mhmm…mhms are a life saver.
  6. Remember the person you can’t stand means a lot to someone you care about.
  7. Do not roll your eyes under any circumstances! If you feel the need to roll your eyes to another dimension just look down then look at them again and you should be fine.
  8.  Try to steer the topic towards something you actually like. I.e. I tend to move it towards anything Harry Potter or my good deeds to show these suckers I’m a good person.
  9. You are an awesome person should be your mantra always and forever.
  10. Never forget you are a strong unicorn who can over come anything life throws at you.

And most importantly, be the bigger person and just be nice to everyone.

This isn’t me telling you know to be “fake” or two faced or anything. I’m just trying to help my lovelies when it comes to dealing with annoying people who you are…let’s say hard to swallow -yeah that’s a good way to phrase it- yet you can’t cut them off due to blood relations or a boss or a friend/sister/brother/parent/cat’s significant other.

So just try to relax and don’t take things so seriously. Let things go and try to be the better person for yourself.





I did NOT vandalize and dirty the street in the featured picture I just saw it and thought it was a perfect metaphor for what I’m trying to convey here.

31 thoughts on “How to Deal With People You Can’t Stand

  1. These are wonderful suggestions. I do wish that just ignoring them would be acceptable, but unfortunately, we all have those people who we have to interact with.

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  2. It’s never easy to act nice to someone you don’t like. I think these are good pointers. It’s better to just suck it up than go all out on that person.

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  3. As all fingers are not equal, we can’t make everybody happy in our life. There’ll be always few people who are going to annoy us, no matter how much we try to be nice to them! Therefore its always better to let things go and ignore them!

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