Unicorn & Avocados

I don’t like avocados…sorry if that offends you, but I find them mushy and yucky.

That being said, I’ve been back home for a month now and I’m so over it. It’s cold and I don’t like winter and its really cold…I’d love to be somewhere warm where I can be a the true beach bum that I am.

I would give anything to be back in Seychelles right now to be honest…I’m legit homesick for a place I’ve only been to once a couple of years ago.

It was my version of paradise.

Tropical weather so its never below warm with a slight chill at the end of the night. Cool waters so blue and fresh coconuts!

Of course the food was amazing especially this Mango Cheesecake they had on the menu which quickly became my daily midnight snack.

Hell, even when it pores down raining it was like sitting under a giant warn shower outside by the pool watching the sunset…seriously I never knew rain could be warm and toasty.


To put it simply; it was a place of inspiration and soul rejuvenationย for me.

The only thing ย I regret about that trip -aside from not retiring early and living there forever- is going diving and/or snorkeling…I guess I was too chill to actually do something active and kind of worried about being some shark’s nums, but it’s something I would do it I do end up going there again.

So, as humanity’s self-appointed Unicorn I need this tropical vacation to happen again as soon as possible because I’m so over the dusty dryness I live in…plus I need a tan I’m too pale for comfort.

32 thoughts on “Unicorn & Avocados

  1. hey, nice post. i guess it is very common for people to picture a beach when they think of vacation. i personally love winters, yes bit dark and cold but then it enables me to workout more, hehe. the post was simple short and definitely warm. good luck for your future trips.

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    1. Its so beautiful and the people there are so friendly…you should go if you ever get the chance.
      People tend to compare it with Maldives but I think its over rated and your kind of stuck on the resort your in for the rest of the trip. However, Seychelles is a whole country so if get bored in the resort you can go shopping and go down town and do a lot of stuff.


  2. OMG what kind of avocados did you have to make you not like them?!
    That mango cheesecake sounds amazing. It’s one of my favorite cheesecakes to make. I love mangos and they sure do go fabulously in a cheesecake recipe!

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  3. After the snow storm in New York I am ready to go on a plane to somewhere tropical and sunny! It would be nice to get some sun and play in the sand even just for a little time. I think Seychelles is a great idea!

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  4. Haha I see myself as a mermaid and I am most happy in the sun too so I am definitely part of the same fan club. Although I do love me some avocado but I am definitely over the cold. I was shooting in -5 degrees today it was freezing!


  5. I actually love avacados! Whenever we go to a good Mexican restaurant, we usually get guacamole for our chips. But I can totally relate with the calming powers of a relaxing beach.

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