Lazy Valentine

I find how people tend to stress over Valentine’s day so stupid -no offense-. No I’m not a cynic, I just think if you love someone you should show it through out the year not just on this day.

But to each there own, so here are some lazy last minute ideas for Valentine’s day for the laid back folks who still want to do stuff…

  • Netflix and Chill: Valentine Edition.
    Pick something new and order in from your favorite take out place. Be fancy with it, make your plats Instagram worthy and pretend you made it…because why not?
    Since buttered or salted is a bit of a cliché as far as popcorn goes, turn it up by making popcorn with vanilla sugar. Its an unexpected twist and super easy to make.
  • Name A Star.
    Whats sweeter than naming a diamond in the sky after someone you love? I would recommend doing your research since lots of site offer this and I don’t know which ones are the best to use.
  • Onesie Game Night.
    Where your into video games or bored games or whatever…Put on a onesie and have fun with it.
    PS: twister in a onesie is way harder.
  • Spa Day.
    Getting pampered is every high on a lazy person’s list of priorities…just saying.
  • Buy a Pet.
    If you like animals why not?  they’re cute, cuddly and adorable!
  • Go For a Drive.
    Long drives with good music is a good time, ending up somewhere far away and enjoying the view is greater…stopping somewhere and getting something sweet is the greatest -never underestimate the power of delicious desserts-.

There you go, now you have something you can do incase you forgot what tomorrow is and can’t find reservations anywhere.

I for one I’m planing on having laid back a sing along Disney movie night with friends…and pizza.





Disclaimer: found the Featured image on Tumblr I do not own it…Credit to the original owner whoever they may be -if you know hit me up and I’ll link them.

17 thoughts on “Lazy Valentine

  1. The second sentence in your opening line is so true! Valentine’s Day (aside from hustling because I am part of an industry that profits from this day) means nothing to me. Love is throughout the entire year, not just on that one overly commercialized day.

    It seems like everyone is doing Valentine’s related posts!

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  2. I have to agree with you that Valentine’s Day is terribly overrated. Me? I’ll be getting a facial and a massage .. then I’m making a special dinner for my husband because he’s pretty awesome!

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