Late Night Snack

Yes, I know eating late at night is a no no because it makes you fat. I can’t help it though, when I’m hungry I eat and I cant sleep if my tummy is grumbling. I don’t claim I’m the best chef in the world but I’m pretty ok when I need to be.

I try to keep it as healthy as possible so I don’t feel to guilty in the morning, so this is what I usually go for as far as easy night chomping goes.

Low-key English Breakfast

2 eggs scrambled and seasoned.

1/2 Can of Heinz beans (heated or not whatever floats your boat)


Lentil Salad

A bit of organic canned lentils.

A bit of organic canned corn.

A bit of organic canned kidney beans.

* I always wash canned products and i like to heat those up a tinny bit with some Sriracha and lemon.

Chopped lettuce.

One boiled egg.



Store bought fresh hummus.

Some cut up cucumbers.

A couple of carrots bits.



2 eggs in a pan with spinach.

A bunch f grilled asparagus (I drizzled it with olive oil and use garlic salts to season).

1 toasted whole wheat toast.


Mixed Berries

When I’m too lazy to think I just grab whatever berries I have laying around.


Hope you find this helpful the next time you get nippy late at night…Yes the featured image is what I usually go for when I’m really bad and not following my nutrition plan.

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